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The Way We Burn

it’s a nickel past one more shot

there’s a new moon hangin’ like a hole in the sky

we’re on our way to forgetting

but it gets easier every night


it’s not the fall that kills you

it’s not the lesson that learns

it’s not the way we strike the match

it’s the way we burn


it’s a quarter past too far gone

there is gun powder frozen in the ice

it’s too late to thaw

but it’s alright for dreaming tonight


it’s not the words that warm you

it’s not the sky that turns

it’s not the way we fuel the fire

it’s the way we burn


hinder in cinders

drowning in doubt

your soul only weighs as much as what carves it out

searching the smoulder

mouthful of ash

slow to start, but burned out so fast


whittle me down to a nib

and write our end

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