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Time Was

let the north be warmed by the wind of my breath

let the east be darkened by my shadow

let the south be cooled by the frost of my steps

let the west be lightened by what I know

time was I’d rise every morning

pick myself up off the floor

time was I’d work till the evening

but I don’t gotta work anymore


I only need the silence to hear the hum of my blood

I only need my name to tell you who I was

I was only ever free to die

no chance to change my luck

maybe that’s the reason why my life has come unstuck from me

now I’m the salt in the sea

the smoke on the breeze

the red on the leaves

and if we met

in that awkward moment between birth and death

I suppose I was just the person I would be

but now I’m everyone that I wasn’t before

because I’ll die last in the hearts of those who love me

time was I knew where I was goin’

where I was from, what I was for

time was I’d work to keep this engine runnin’

but I don’t gotta work anymore


I worked hard to keep the sun on my face, wind at my back

grass beneath my feet, and my blue skies stacked

I had to lock every storm under my hat

now I can only read my thoughts by the lightning’s flash

Give me eyes to hear, ears to see

the crowd for quiet, and solitude’s company 

What did I do? 

I did the best I could

I never made a stand

but at least I knew where I stood

time was I could see all the angles

wait and laugh, I always knew the score

time was I would work at my failures

but I don’t gotta work anymore


time was my blood would brown

splashed on the rocks of the shore

time was I’d work not to make a sound

but I don’t gotta work anymore

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