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This Time Tomorrow

twelve bells tell the time

but my heart picks the key

you need a place to hide?

ask the lovers or the junkies

there’s a riot in the town

there’s a fire in the woods

you know the saints, they’re gonna thank us

for makin’ them look so good


give me one of the sour

give me two of the sweet

give me three of the strong

and four of the weak

you’re five times damned, if you forget the spice

we got six more hours

till the dawns breakin’ light



this time tomorrow i’ll be gone

this time tomorrow you’ll be singin’ a very different song

this time time tomorrow i’ll be gone

what’s that you said?

it’s better we stay together than go alone


that first shot grazed

but the second went through

we may have survived

but the poison’s in the wound

and now I can’t live for tomorrow

hell, I sure can’t live today

so let them pay for our sorrows

while we find a better way


I need the heaven’s rust

like I need the siren’s moan

I need the thunder’s blood

runnin’ naked down my throat

and if that’s god in the hearth

why’s the kettle so upset?

if this engine doesn't start

may the devil take you yet




light may shine

but darkness spreads

tonight we’ll speak with the voice of the dead

flowers bloom

vines curl

let’s move with the rhythm that shakes the world



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