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The Only Girl

don’t come knocking

I'll come around when
you stop hounding

i think its time you let it go
if there’s a lesson then its got to be learned

it's not you it's me
no its not me, it's just the way
that things got to be, I said let it go
if there’s a prize its got to be earned

close your eyes
step outside the world
it's no surprise
I'm not the only girl

one minute your ballin',

won’t quit calling
the next your down and out

and put up a wall and won’t let it go
tell me what’s a poor girl to do

if it were the first

and not the hundred billionth time
I wouldn’t mind instead I got to lay it on the line
this shits insane , let it go
what do I do with a boy like you

open your eyes
come back inside the world
it's no surprise

I’m not the only girl

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