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The Golden Hour

seashells and spider eggs
lay your jacket on the peg
just this once don't make me beg
sit right down, swallow the dregs

talking on the daily keg
bootleg and scanderbeg
give me a couple bonnie bregs
out in the golden hour

the waves that roll across the sea

brought you on that ship to comfort me

it's a reverie, a mystery
a lampost 'neath the canopy

i'm talking now on bended knee
my love a balmy heart must be
the soft green caresses me
out in the golden hour

out on that lone peninsula
they tried to free cascadia
with balsam wood umbilicus
and asthmadic andromeda

the mandolins cry ursula
her drachmas and her daliahs
now she plays melodica
out in the golden hour

a bordello outside of chic bourdeax
smell the tarrow root and salt minnow
a snake tattoo on her torso
says she used to look like marilyn monroe

it's a shallow question, but it's juxtaposed
'cause her own name she doesn't know

now every night outside her window
i wait

in the golden hour

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