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Teardrop Full of Silver

she left 20,000 dollars in the box beneath the bed

her second cousin twice-removed put a bullet through her head

now there's blood stains on the mattress and the residue of lead

and plenty more where that came from but they all just wind up dead

the doctor says she full of airs, oh but her manners are so crass

her streets are paved with gold, I think mine are paved with trash

take a rabbit skull, a crow feather, and lie them in the grass

come what may there's hell to pay when god FUCKS YOU IN THE ASS

he was just another sailor, all mean and broken down

like the men who sank his battleship, he was a puppet for a clown

sometimes there's love like mountains of gold and diamonds by the pound

but there's no shoestring budget could ever keep this good girl down

so drink up your father's vodka, write down some of his insanity

let the hurricanes of lust destroy our humanity

the crows outside are writing hymns of myth's and sin's calamities

as we tied are strings with broken dreams convoluted with profanity


and we laugh

i could give you the sun for twilight and a pocketful of gin

give you a long and length lay, but that's a phoenix for a wren

run your taxidermy needle down my alligator skin

hold my hand through this pain as the tide comes rolling in

take a feather-duster made of gold, a teardrop full of silver

hairpin tie of mercury with arsenic in the quiver

eye of saint or demagogue and the blood of one deceiver

drink it down before I come to MAKE YOU A BELIEVER

and we laugh

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