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Take Me Away

if you can follow

then you can stray

like a small dark light

held against the day

like the darkness that waits

at the edge of your sight

but don't be afraid

remember you are the darkness as much as the light


so don’t you pay to have me buried

when I’ll burn for free

I will rise from the earth as an old oak tree

I’ll be twisting in the wind, moaning your name

it’s understood every drink is gettin’ drunk in the rain



take me away from the things of man

wash the flames from these burnin’ hands

take me away from the things of man

you give the world to the devil, he’s gonna treat it like hell

it’s time you understand


I wanna be in the place

that good men won’t go

you know the ocean is the king of every river

because that water keeps low


so why don’t you just cut me into pieces

leave me out to dry

let the ravens take me up into that hungry sky

why was this game so hard to play?

did I join to early, or just fold too late?




throw out the dice

don’t expect to win

I sweep out the dust

but it settles back in

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