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The Recurring

Stagger Lee Blues #1

once more we find stagger lee

pistol in his hand
billy boy before him

looking like he understands

let it go, let it go

stagger says to billy
"would ya look what we have done
for we can stand right here

and yet run circles round the sun"
let it go, let it go

you aint been nobody
nobody aint been me
cause there aint never been nobody

like billy boy or stagger lee
let it go, let it go

if killing’s not the answer
then I don't know what is
cause i’ve never heard a question

make a difference in the end
let it go, let it go

still we could flip a coin
if it’s luck you'd respect
but it’ll only come up heads,

and its yours that i'll collect
let it go, let it go

you know i’ll pull this trigger
like I know you’ll hit the floor
but here we are again

just like every time before"
let it go let it go

see billy i’m an entrance
or an exit from your wrongs
I will wrench apart your night

until the breaking of your dawn
let it go, let it go

billy said, “don't kill me

for i am afraid to die"

stagger laughed and said

"i know i am, but what am i?"
let it go, let it go

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