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Scared Sacred

there was nothing lost
but there was something new


keep that fire flowing underground

they let it out
ever faster it ran
coal black and throwing sparks
it chanced upon the preacher and his flock

they tried to run
but a beast was never so quick

they tried to hide
but no walls could come between them
and if we knew how the preacher saw it
we'd know how the devil looks

the very next day
three fell ill and the preacher went mad
it is too late
cause it spread too far
but  only Stephen understood it
and built it next on rails
with iron thicker than blood

keep that fire flowing underground

the heart of the mountain
it lies upon the lake
and steam, it rises constant
and the sun, it never sets
and the murmurs from below
meet the flashes from above
and they remind us how we should
place our bets

keep that fire flowing underground

and the engine burrows deeper
vanished in ubiquity
we only see it when the horror leaves its tracks
and the screams of shattered people
and the roar too big to hear
reminds us that there is no way back

keep that fire flowing underground

shut the light that would lead us down
raise me up to the underground

feel the pressure rising

up from nothing down from everything you love is cracking outward pulling at the seams of what’s

never enough to stop this dismal universal hiss escaping
every point an eruption every second an elation

every atom splitting out with its chance to be free

let me out let me out let me out let me be

let your cauldrons bubble over your calderas overflow

till every stone is melted into the boiling sea

there is nothing lost but there will be something new

as were kindled every night

in the depths of your dreams

were rekindled every morning

from your fingers tips wound

you know we'll keep that fire flowing underground

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