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Pretty Good Shape

(for the shape I'm in)


Lucas wrote this tune to honor his Grandpa Floyd's 100th birthday. Many have asked how exactly the lyrics reference his life.

It's no secret that Lucas is generally loathe to breakdown his lyrics,

but as a tribute to Grandpa Floyd and his amazing life,

Lucas decided to create this annotated version.

i've seen as much as any man might care to see

from the beaches of the Caribbean

to the shores of Normandy

but i must admit i've slowed a bit

i'm not so often on the town

but for those who think i'm passed my prime

and that i should just settle down

well, take my hat!

hold my coat!

still plenty of kick left in this old goat

i'm in prety good shape

for the shape i'm in

sure i can play all night, work all day

last mountain i climbed was called Mt. Gay

call The Technicians get my horns in line

strike up the band, have a real big time

watching the fire till the ribs are done

fly The Wreck to the islands to fetch some rum

i'm a jolly good fellow, i drink it clear

a rambling, gambling, hell of an engineer

ain't got time to touch the ground

you know my class voted me best all around

and i'm in pretty good shape

for the shape i'm in

i flew my hundred triumphantly

but you ask me to go back i'd say, "nix compris!"
dont you doubt it, blair was there

i got medals hidden in the office somewhere

don't talk to me about history

i can look back on this whole century

and i'm in pretty good shape

for the shape i'm in

how i've lost

how i've gained

so many gone

so many remain

all these memories

priceless every day

i'm a rich man

in memories anyway

they called me The Preacher

that's an actual fact

come find me in my Little Brass Shack

i'm untroubled by age, as you can tell

and i can slap you so hard you'd be hearing bells

another year will suit me just fine

i already got 99

and i'm in pretty good shape

for the shape i'm in

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