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No God For Christmas

damned are all those that would pray
if god's plan is preordained
with no such, and no say
slaves to their creation

but the destitute, the orphaned sons
the outcast, and forgotten ones
will flock like crows to carrion
and find their salvation
when there's

no god for christmas
no president, or king
if we walk away for once
our burden is released
no god for christmas
no writing on the wall
i dont need no jesus christ
to know i love you all

the only gift i want to give
is free from any tyrant's glory
the only place i want to go
is free from the weight of desire

this december 25th
hit the streets and raise a fist
take the day back for ourselves
and give nothing to those who dwell
on profits gross and prophets false
why should we march when we can waltz?
to christmas carols of our own
that pay no heed to any throne


be an orphan from what troubles you
a Marely from your scrooge
the Grinch that hordes its troubles
is still free to be a Who
no path is still a path
so let it take your far
to the company of shadows
and the revelry of stars


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