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Looking Exactly

Like Nothing At All

let them leave us behind
to go along their way
they say the devil is a crowd
I guess that’s why we work the small rooms

they left us hanging up here
but we won’t skip a beat
we’ll see it through to the end
and we’ll be waiting
we’ll be waiting to greet you

bitter work breeds bitter men
like hard times breeds easy martyrs
we’re just heathens at the stake

singing through the flames
and if you ask I’d say

don’t you see the black clouds rising
as the wind pulls us in?
don’t you feel the rain drops burning
on your bright and wearied skin?
don’t you hear your dry throats howling
from the thirst you cannot quench?
don’t you fear the wolves they prowling,
with your ending on their breath?

oh no
you breathe out smoke and call it air
you bleed us dry and you call it square

but you can’t dance on your own grave
lies need tending where the truth abides
you can’t keep what you don’t save
and in your path we cry

don’t you see the saints eyes turning
in this box of hollow wind?
don’t you feel their bones, they yearning

for their time to come again?
don’t you hear the silence pounding
off the waves from an empty sea?
don’t you fear the fire turning
after it’s done with me?

there’s no garden so safe
you couldn’t find a snake
and you wouldn’t wanna go there if you could
there’s no language so true
you couldn’t tell a lie
and you wouldn’t wanna speak it if you could

but you know you would

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