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Let 'em Down Easy

there’s no promise won’t stay kept

no lie won’t stay told

no vow won’t stay broke

no joke won’t get old

I try to let ‘em down easy

all things seek their rest

I tell you the farther from this life

the nearer to the next


when the tree’s are scratching on the full moon’s back

when there’s eyes in the branches, and claws in the thatch

when the stars are hiding, and the clouds are lyin’ down

you’d better kneel in the mist

put your ear to the ground



i tell you death is not the end

as that dirty dust settles in

it is there your reward begins

i tell you death is not the end


kids want their mothers

mothers want their kids

victims cry, “who dunnit?”

it’s the killer know who did

bitter sisters keep on fightin

true lovers never tire

while the cook says,

“there’s always more room on the fire”




come join us, please join us

we need no strength to carry on

there is no rest for us

because nothing is ever gone


whether your cup runneth over

or your well's runnin dry

whether your fire is burnin low

or there’s a redness in your sky

you were made to cross the river

made to wade up on this shore

not like it’s something no one’s done before



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