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the wash is rising to the heat of my blood
we got to cool it lest we lose this one
grab an old batch and get the main brace spliced
you go to sleep, but i stay up all night

remover of my cares
comfort of my soul
don’t fail me now that you own us all
preserver of my body
author of my friends
i fear with these barrels we’ve bought our end

eh, B., see we get that ED&F Man
wanna feel that bottle getting light in my hand never mind pushing, yea, we’ll flatten your luck so play “Nancy Dawson” and grab your cup


this kill-devil’s gonna kill me
i’ll speak to whispers venting from the holds just like steam
Ned carved out that muscle as it still beat
i had to watch lest he do the same to me
so you mix it with the powder
i’ll drink it as it flames
i’ll drink the blood that’s leaking from the barrels of the same
i’ll drink just to get drunk, if it keeps Black Bart away
i’ll drink the oceans dry, if it but keep my sane

oh it’s a crying shame
the Dutch build a fort
the Spanish build a chapel
the English build a pub
so I’m gonna build a scaffold
of bottles and shackles
watch you dance from your liquor box pews
you smell what’s boiling in the pit?
i didn’t ask for this

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