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I See It Coming

shadow stuck, but I’m sorted
red stains on a hollow sky
no reason to notice
blue ruin behind my eyes
metal mouthed, and haunted
I’m shedding sparks, but I don't know why

no reason to promise
we've paid for every treason, paid for every crime


I see it coming
our ending in the book of ages
I see it coming
no mercy, no hesitation
roll out our tide
and roll on this thunder, take a hold of me

roll back our time
and roll on this storm, don't you let me be

blood thicker than water
smoke thicker than the steam I breathe

she's quick, quick but we caught her
light's out, now we're all gonna bleed

god hangs in the rafters
she whispers to us by the morning's light
but onstage there's laughter
you know the devil packs the pews most every night


tell me why the good we would we do not
while the harm we would not we do

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