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I Know, I Know

i know why the wind howls
i know why the ocean waves
i know my soul is lost

if i swear my soul is saved

i know i felt the damp
though i could not feel the rain
i know i saw the wound
though i could not feel the pain

as the guitar frets and the willow weeps
as the twig is bent, so grows the tree
much to do before i sleep
shake off the dust, it's time to leave

i know why you call my name
i know that you'll be true
i know that we'll raise hell again
'cause i know that i need you

i know just where we're goin'
the lie is in thinking that it's ever far
i know we won't get lost
'cause there is no way to where we are

a splash of raven's blood in my mother's milk

the darkest words have the nicest lilt
you've got to let your flag unfurl
you need a sailor's legs to walk this crooked world

i know i mustn't fear
i know i'm not alone
i know that every wave must break

when the ocean calls them home

still, i'm all dressed up for a red letter day

too big for a cradle, won't stay in a grave

could never say what i have seen
'cause i have slept through all my dreams

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