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Get Thee Hence

I been away, lord knows

goin’ down slow, we’ll meet at the close

you know your streets are renamed, your people too

they tell me everything’s changed

but nothing’s new


with a peace so deep

feel like I could sing the whole world to sleep

I travel with just my soul to keep

as I head out on my own


when the work is done

I’ll rip the heart from the setting sun

feed it to the moon as it rests on the deep

I’m gonna you how bright you could never be


when the storm begins I’ll get up and take the wind

they say that nothing ever ends

I think that’s fair

will I ever get beyond my own footsteps

or hear a sound that isnt kept in the air


open up

won’t take a minute

that lock is stuck, I got a key’ll fit it

you wanna leave, but don’t wanna part

that’s a pain lyin’ closer than the blood in your heart


I’ve been away too long

I’ve been alright, I’ve been all wrong

I’ve dug through air

and flown through the earth

wanna meet me somewhere?

how ‘bout the center of the earth!




I climb up high, seek rest, and find none

I sink down low, seek friends, I find some

my lord speaks to me through sermon’s of rust

I send prayers of sweat, and sing psalms of blood


string me up, put me to the wall

through me from the tower, it’s not so far to fall

push me in the flame, burn off the sin

still you know I’ll be back again


if it burns, let it burn

if it bleeds, let it bleed

when you’re lost it’s then you’ll receive

this red candle and a bag of fast luck

I gotta grow old, but I don’t gotta grow up 




lose me

choose me

run your knives right through me

let your words confuse me 

till we can let go

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