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Get Low

she just wanted to be good people

she just wanted to keep it simple

but everything is balanced on a knife

scared if you meet him

scared if you see him

that you might fall off

into the rest of the night

there's a desert waits inside every mountain

there's a fire waits inside every tree

there's a wish waits inside every fountain

there's a ghost that waits inside of me

get low!

from the beggar's cup

get low!

from staying out of luck

get low!

from the jailer's keys

from living on your knees

i don't even know

how these old bones grow

can't even cast an honest shadow

in the light of this world

so, i'll push that candle

into the flame

then i'll drive a starry plough

i'll pin the clouds on the horns of the moon

and i will walk among you now

there's a flood waits inside every river

there's a dance waits inside every step

there's a hope waits inside every giver

there's a word waits inside every breath

get low!

from the awl's heart

get low!

from the butcher's cart

get low!

from the blackened ash

get low!

and join the easy class

get low!

from one drink too many

get low!

yea it was you who sent me

get low!

i'm living out on the road

get low!

those who speak dont know

get low!

i'll give you till the end of the week

get low!

those who know don't speak

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