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Down In The Cut

gold are the coins

loud are the cheers

could’ve made a week’s pay down at the pier 

ram down the cork

know where it’s at

you know those blue town dandies

gonna get their spines cracked


be close to your friends

beware of yourself

better cook me up some news or some gossip or else

I like my facts rare

I like my rumors bleeding

We’re gonna feast on those words that don’t bear repeating

down in the cut

nothing to do

roll down the window let the light shine through

down in the cut

nowhere to go

throw it into first and take it real slow


I think that gun is wiser than the hand on it’s grip

if you were never loved than you’ll never be missed

I could win any game with those marbles in your head

if you want to try your luck down at the bookie’s instead


tear’s for the body, skull for the cap

spit for the foam, eyes for the tap

shore for the bar, shell for the cup

the waves for music, and your life for good luck

down in the cut

man's his own

let it all ride on a game of pope joan

down in the cut

do what you can

i got the curse of scotland right here in my hand


be not afraid

I die everyday

buried billions of my selves

know more than knowing can glean

think more than thoughts can tell

there is nowhere to go, no one to save

you’d rather die in this life than live in a grave


down in the cut

fire's deep

blue and the gold gonna make us all bleed

down in the cut

nothing to see

you got to sell it all back to the company

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