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Things Just Get Away From You

we had missed the turning point

our angles all out of joint

roads all turning inward

though we wanted to get out

but there's no stream that doesn't bend

there's no road that doesn't end

things just get away from you

now i'm singing with the moon

her midnight flowers all in tune

things just get away from you

well we thought that we could choose

to eat our cake and have it to

but the world will shake you off

like so much dust from her shoes

be not troubled by regret

the worst hasn't happened yet

things just get away from you

see the fire paint the dark

a conflagration from a spark

things just get away from you

toss a coin for every one that was lost

and we'd have funds enough to buy ourselves some time

tie a knot for every promise that was broke

and we'd have rope enough to climb out of this life

well it's a story that you've heard

though the lesson goes unlearned

you could know the ending

and still think you won't arrive

just how in spite of this song

you will forget me when i'm gone

things just get away from you 

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