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Charles, Really!

the rain water washes

but the car oil clings

my brakes won't last for long

the radiator steams
still i'm goin' down the 405

just so i can play

with a bell that thinks its broken
but it rings out just the same

she'd leave me chasing fumes

but i can fall as fast as she
see the sparks flying off

as we reach terminal velocity

now, it's back to where i started

but not where i began
i feel something grabbing on

when i hold out my hand
you'd better pull that skull cap tight

you'll find it necessary
wherever we fall

there shall we be buried

our feet won't hit the ground as we scream
"new orleans or bust!"
we're a blur to all the dreamers

and every jack-in-the-dust
i'll pull your main-yards up

tie your inhibitions down
shake a reef from your sails

shake a leg all over town

i know i'm scared of dying

but am i scared of living too?
the way we push each other

i think i'm mostly scared of you


long black road in front of me
big blue sky pressing down
everyone says we're going to make it
so, if we can't hack it

we're just gonna have to fake it


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