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Born To Trouble

born to trouble
born to fate
as the sparks fly up
you are crushed at the gate
born to trouble
born to fate
tell me how can a man find one good place?

as a child i had dreamed
in shapes unbound, colors unseen

like a drop of ink i spread
upon emptiness i fed
but your world gave me form
and all the consequence that bore

your days gave me time
as your laws took away what's mine

let the roots crack the cement
loose wires from trees so bent
dams burst and levees break
still i’ll be waiting at the gate
petite se lanmo at my side
on your towns i intend to ride
oh, you knew i’d be coming back
ready and wearing a suit of black



all seven trumpets i shall kiss
all seven seals i shall rip
drink down your bowl of wrath
there’s six more coming down the path what is it burned in the hearts of men that causes trouble to no end
“its our fate!” you all cry
as the sun crashes from the sky


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