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Blue Ruin

not chilled by the sun nor warmed by the moon

sleep away the day and pace the nights through

when the master is out

we pretend we aren't servants
and we'll reach for the knife, if we think we deserve it
but nothing rhymes with murder, if you don't make the plans
be it wars between nations or wars of solitary man


blue ruin is on my mind
where have I gone?
blue ruin behind my eyes
I cant see whats wrong

sunrise has no answers to the moonlight's questions
i've asked them all, and I’ve lost my direction

virtue lies still
as a good deed crawls
as a bad deed runs
as evil flies far


we sat in the back at a solitary table

there was no one around

i said "hey", but you just said to

"slow down and think this through"

like i haven't already

so dont tell me what to do

and you'll understand what you're able to

and a coil of smoke

connects your hand to the ceiling

and it's been years since you could smoke in here

but you laugh at my reasons

and you ask "well, how's this gonna go?

and i say, "it isnt going nowhere.

i got what i need in the trunk,

and i'm gonna drive until the sun comes up.

in other words, i'm leaving

in other words, we're through

and what i'll take in my next life

is what i'll take from you

i should take take that cigarette

and ram it down your throat

set your rummy heart on fire

and drown you in the smoke"

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