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Blow Wind Blow

i lived to watch it rot
the meat it sweetest when the grubs come out
we were two gears grinding on each other’s teeth
forcing the water back up the spout

if the bride was a widow then what was i?
she needed flowers? she could find my grave
i only wish i could’ve made it clear

but my words never fit what i was trying to say

blow wind blow
so the storm might let us know
when our love has come undone

i’m a root for your tears to soak
i’m a rope for your fears to hang
i’m a song for to lose your voice
i’m a road for to lose your way

now she’s gone
but i can see her end
torn across her like a scourge
she judged as only a zealot could

burning those who didn’t heed her words
“out with your liquor! out with your vice!”
she left to worship as the angels do

frozen in terrible ecstasy
that’s what 90 years of clean living gets you


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