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Black Dog

I wake and fear the fell of dark
across the field that feeds the lilies
the swaying of the cedars cease their shift
I hear this evening's evil calling
come now landlord fill your cup
for tomorrow you'll be sovered
the prettiest girl is the one you loved and lost

the shiniest spoon is the one you're suckin’ sweet from

black dog
he's hangin’ around my window

said the shadow to the man
"that you see me is no wonder
but don't you think too hard
no don't you think too long
or these thoughts they will rise

and pull you under"
but I said
"shut your mouth"

black dog
quit hanging around my window

said the man to the shadow
"be not proud that some call you mighty.

cause cant you feel my boot on your neck?
you see, I'm the only reason that you're breathing.
and I'll pour my cup
where I lay you at the bottom of the field to feed the lilies"

black dog
quit hanging around my window

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